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New Nimble 5.0 Raising the Bar for Company-Wide Team Relationship Management

Nimble CRM recently launched a major update to its award-winning simple CRM for Office 365 and G Suite – Nimble 5.0, an easy-to-use team relationship manager designed to transform the way businesses engage customers. Nimble 5.0 delivers a set of powerful enhancements centred on the CRM basics that dramatically improve team relationship management across the organization: an updated […]

Why Do Customers Leave a Company?

Customers are barraged by attractive offers all the time. They see great deals based on price, quality or service. However, these aren’t good enough reasons by themselves to cause them to stay loyal to a company.  Customers are an unstable species—they’re hard to win over, easy to lose, and often you won’t know what’s even […]

Managing a Virtual Team

Technology has now allowed people to connect with other people everywhere first through correspondence, then phones, then the internet. Businesses have evolved now to a point where companies employ the services of a virtual team—motivated by the benefits of cost-effective labour and a wider reach of hires while being able to work just about anywhere. […]


You don’t need a business plan! You know a business plan is a waste of time, right? Things happen and we don’t/can’t follow the plan anyway!Geoffrey James, Contributing Editor wrote “…investors are not interested in business plans beyond a few PowerPoint slides setting out the basic idea and the general direction.”So, there you have […]