Marketing, sales managers and business owners want to enhance interaction and engagement with prospects and customers to:

  • Raise awareness of their brands
  • Increase engagement
  • Generate new leads for sales teams, outlets and online stores
  • Build strong relationships to increase customer retention and repeat sales.

The goal of using marketing automation software simply automates as many marketing and sales actions and processes as possible.

Marketing and sales teams benefit if they can automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions. Automated marketing systems makes these tasks easier and can save time. Marketing automation can also improve marketing ROI i.e., you get a better bang from each marketing dollar. These days, marketing automation solutions are made even easier through apps and software.

An example may be integration an accounting package like Xero with Nimble CRM and 366 Degrees which is a marketing automation tool.

Our preferred Marketing Automation solution is 366 Degrees which has been design to specifically to integrate with systems such as Nimble CRM, Salesforce Vidyard (a video marketing tool) and social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

366 Degrees is the brainchild of Brad Banyas, CEO of OMI, which has been helping businesses to implement CRM and online marketing digital solutions for more than 20 years.

The Client Orchardist is proud to be a 366 Degrees Partner.

As a 366 Degrees Partner we assist you to determine if this is the right Marketing Automation tool for your business needs.

7 Reasons Why You Would Use 366 Degrees

Here are some reasons why you would use the marketing automation tool 366 Degrees in your business.
You want to:

  • kick-start your CRM strategies
  • boost your productivity
  • better qualify leads generated by marketing and sales
  • increase conversions from leads to customers
  • increate Customer Retention and repeat sales
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing and sales campaigns
  • Better utilise your data held in different systems

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