Do you want a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for your business designed to work everywhere you work and is easy to use?

Nimble is a multi-award-winning CRM Solution that allows you to bring together all your contacts, communications, activities and sales information in a single interface. Our team will help you implement Nimble to streamline your sales and customer care processes, so you can increase sales and increase customer retention.

In 2019 G2 Crowd named Nimble as a market leading CRM for Office 365 and G-Suite for the 7th year in a row as a result of overwhelmingly great feedback from customers. Nimble has also won a number of other coveted G2 Crowd awards based on user reviews such as 1st in 2019 for Sales Intelligence Tool for Customer Satisfaction for the 8th time. Use this Nimble software to ensure your CRM objectives are being met, and that your business prospects keep showing promise.

Use Nimble CRM to gain social intelligence and manage your entire online social presence. It also helps you engage them in meaningful conversations and transform them into long-term customers.

Nimble is an excellent example of a CRM which allows for businesses to easily customize what users can see and use. It does this through the ability to allow users to create 5 customized tabs and up to 1000 customized fields.

To view other videos of some of Nimble’s key features go to my YouTube Nimble play list.

Why You Would Use Nimble?

Here are some reasons why you would use Nimble in your business.

You want:

  • To create a single database of your prospects, customers and contacts
  • To access your CRM database from other apps from their browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge)
  • To access and add contact information in your CRM database if you use Outlook Office 365 or Gmail, Google Calendar or G-Suite
  • To share information between employees who interact with prospects, customer and contacts across the organisation
  • To help your sales people to build trusted relationships with prospects, customers and networks
  • To manage your sales leads through multiple sales pipelines
  • To have some ability to add customised tabs for contacts and some customised fields
  • To enable employees to utilise social media connections and interactions to build relationships
  • To enable employees to follow-up leads prospects and customers without fail
  • To be able to create segments within your Nimble database for targeted marketing and relationship building campaigns
  • To employees to access their email and calendar and contacts in one system
  • To integrate with other business apps like Xero and Mailchimp or 366 Degrees to ensure all customer information is up to date employees to be able to access their CRM information via mobile devices, notebooks and desktops.

Here are some reasons why you may not want to use
Nimble in your business.

You want:

  • to use an Exchange server for emails and do not want to enable staff to access email via IMAP
  • employees to be able to access Nimble off-line when they do not have access to the Internet
  • to restrict employees to be able to access the details of other team member’s contacts and activities
  • a CRM system which has built-in marketing automation feature including “drip feed” campaigns and landing pages
  • to have detailed control over what information a user can and cannot see or access
  • to access to detailed and/or customised sales pipeline and call reports
  • to have a high level of customisation and create field based on calculated values, lead scoring or automated work-flows.

You’ve now had a look at a few demo videos and gone through the reasons above why Nimble may be a good fit and why it may not and decided you would like to go to the next step. You can try

The Nextree Business Growth Consultancy is an authorized Nimble Solution Partner and offers several options to assist businesses looking to implement Nimble.

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Support Package Option

  • The Nextree provides a range of implementation and support options to help you maximize the benefits of Nimble.
  • We also happy collaborate with other specialists to ensure any app integrations further enhance your business activities.