The Client Orchardist


Ross Keating is the founder of Nextree Business Growth Consultancy.  He believes all businesses, regardless of their size, can be more successful, including yours.  When you are successful it not only helps you and your customers, but it also helps your employees, your suppliers, the community around you, AND your family.

During his 20+ year career Ross has developed a series of 8 modules within a framework called the Accelerate Your Business Growth Program. The Program is designed to address the 5 key questions of how to take the business to the next level and grow revenue, profits and repeat customers.

The Client Orchardist

Grow a Better Business

Ross has managed the development, implementation and sales of customer relationship management strategies, and software internationally. He has held management responsibility for 40,000+ customers and $36 million in sales. Many of his clients have doubled their revenue and profits yet become more relaxed, have more clarity about their business, and able to focus more on “working on the business”. 

He is also a panelist for the Queensland State Government’s Mentoring for Growth program. Ross is also a contributing author to the book  Mature Preneurs Talk How to Have Positive, Energised Creative Life Over 50  by Diana Todd-Banks.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, want to more relaxed and give more focus to “working on the business” click here to today for a complimentary chat with Ross to find out how you can achieve this.



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