Profit on the Beach is for you if:

You’re looking for real world solutions to these challenges. You want something that will bring results quickly and you want them to be sustainable.

You’re fed up with working all the hours under the sun and the business is not meeting your expectations. Your staff are doing their best, or you may feel that are not doing their best and you’re frustrated because you not getting results you want.

The team here at Nextree Business Growth Consultancy does have a solution for you.  Can you think of any reason why you would not be interested in a solution that results in?

  1. You 2x your revenue and profits over the next 12-24 months, and, you to be less stressed, and more relaxed.
  2. You being able to achieve other personal and lifestyle goals.
  3. Better able to focus on the solution to problems
  4.  You working less hours in your business.
Our solution helps you achieve the above outcomes.

We have 15+ years of working with businesses in many different industries have proven the success of our solutions.  Our clients say things like:

“He has changed my world and (turned) my business around in just one year!

Without his guidance and great ideas my business would have continued to struggle. Within one year it has flourished! Not only I’m not working in it as much, I also was able to finally by my own house!”

– Lauren Romari, Owner Barkin Beautiful

Our Solution
The Profit on the Beach Program.  This is  limited to 10 people This is a live, online, interactive program facilitated by our Founder, Ross Keating. You are guided through our program, not left doing a DIY course! You discuss your problems in an online forum as a group of peers, non-competitors. Ross will lead discussions and take you through the business models we use to develop solutions with our elite clients on a 1 to one basis. Each week you attend a 90 minute online interactive session, with a Q&A. Specialist in fields such as: accounting, tax planning, marketing, social media, recruitment, sales management and training, will attend some live sessions. This means you are learning from experts. All this and more are available to you through our Profit on the Beach Program. Please call us today on +61 0 416 629 509 to discuss if the Profit on the Beach Program is right for you or click here to arrange a time convenient to you.
What Our Clients Say Being a newcomer to the “running your own business” world. I experienced plenty of overwhelming moments, enter Ross Keating. Ross has a great ability to communicate what is required now without losing sight of the big picture. Which has helped me gain control of my day-to-day activities! Scott Lidster, Managing Director, Australian Earth, Queensland
Want to Achieve More?

Profit on the Beach may help you achieve business and personal goals such as:

  • You want your business to be the leader, or biggest, in your industry segment
  • You want your business to be a leader in a specific segment of the industry?
  • You want to retire or semi-retire in 5 years or so
  • Scale the business
  • More locations across the state or country or international
  • Sell it so you can retire or start a new venture.
  • Want to buy a commercial property
  • Want to buy a home.
  • Want to buy an investment property
  • Want to go on an extended overseas holiday

What Our Clients Say

“We engaged Ross to help define our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system User Requirements. Ross continued to help us identify and select an appropriate CRM.  The discovery process Ross took us through to define our requirements was extremely useful in gaining a solid understanding of how our business could benefit from a CRM.

Ross impressed us with his ability to grasp our business strategy and industry interactions quickly and relate these to the project. His excellent rapport with the representatives of the CRMs resulted in presentations being relevant to our business….”

Todd Frank, National Stakeholder Manager at Brosnan Construction, New Zealand