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The Omni-Channel Approach to Digital Marketing

The Omni-Channel approach to digital marketing is all in the hype these days, with an increasing number of marketers adopting it into their campaign strategies. However, is it a valid terminology for a superior marketing practice or just another buzzword thrown without a clear meaning? Continue reading the article to learn more. What is Omni-Channel Marketing? Omni-channel […]

5 Ways Marketing Automation Is Helping Enhance Customer Experience

Digital automation is on the rise, especially in the marketing sector. Across the board, companies are using automation tools to improve engagement with their customers and increase satisfaction. Here are 5 key reasons why marketing automation is helping enhance the customer experience. 1. Timely Engagement Timing is everything. Sending the right message to be sent at the […]

3 Tips for Using Social Media to Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Social media is a useful platform for increasing your brand awareness and driving more traffic onto your website.It also serves as a powerful medium that can enhance communications and foster trust with customers as well as help increase their retention rate. Grow your business by creating more lasting and meaningful impressions on your customers through […]

Managing a Virtual Team

Technology has now allowed people to connect with other people everywhere first through correspondence, then phones, then the internet. Businesses have evolved now to a point where companies employ the services of a virtual team—motivated by the benefits of cost-effective labour and a wider reach of hires while being able to work just about anywhere. […]