3 Tips for Using Social Media to Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Social media is a useful platform for increasing your brand awareness and driving more traffic onto your website.

It also serves as a powerful medium that can enhance communications and foster trust with customers as well as help increase their retention rate.

Grow your business by creating more lasting and meaningful impressions on your customers through social media.

Here are 3 tips for your using social media to deliver a better customer experience.

1. Interact With Your Audience

This may come as something obvious but even large businesses fail to implement this simple strategy, that is so useful for brand success.

People like being valued and recognised.

If you are interacting with, people in the comments, sharing their posts, timely replying to their messages on social media. Your customers will feel appreciated and would wish to engage with you more.

Not only that, but you might also turn many of your existing customers into your brand advocates.

2. Ask Them For Their Feedback

The best way to improve your customers’ interaction with your brand is by asking for their feedback directly.

Social media is a very effective platform where you can connect with your customers through a number of ways. From these ‘reacts’ as well as the opinions commented, you can gain meaningful insights on how to deliver a better customer experience.

3. Give Your Brand Social Media a Personality

Nothing ruins a customer’s experience with your brand on social media more than a monotonous, emotionless voice interacting with them.

How you choose to interact on social media sends the impression your customers will have of your brand. Don’t be afraid to give your channels a personality so people feel more comfortable interacting with you.

An example of a good implementation of this is Wendy’s, which through personalizing their brand voice, has garnered a huge following on twitter as well as massively increased their brand awareness.

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