5 Trends in Digital Marketing from 2020

The world of digital marketing is continuously changing with new trends constantly emerging that redefine the landscape.

Marketers and businesses need to constantly be aware of what’s happening in the ever-changing world of the internet. (Especially if they want to reach the right audience.)

2020 has shown a massive change in digital marketing and the way online companies are now advertising.

1. A.I Dominance

Now in the last few years, the talk of A.I have been on the rise. And now it seems we are way past that with A.I being a standard in marketing today. Task automation, chatbots, and smart targeting

These are all ways in which Artificial Intelligence is helping businesses better engage with their audience and deliver them more personalized and ideal content.

2. Conversational Marketing

Marketing today is no longer a one-way communication with the audience. Customers themselves, are more willing to seek out brands (especially through social media).

This provides the opportunity for businesses to better engage with their customer and move them through the buyer’s journey.

Because not all physical workers can be available around the clock, brands are increasingly using chatbots in conversations.

3. The Omnichannel Approach

The omnichannel approach is a timeline of multi-channel marketing. The centre focus is a customer’s experience with a brand. Marketing channels are just simply getting the word out.

Giving a highly personalized and consistent message for the customer across each and every channel, helping drive engagement and generating more sales.

4. User-Generated Content

User-generated content implies all types of content that are specifically created by customers on behalf of the brand. With people now becoming more critical about brand self-advertising. By posting reviews, photos and social media posts regarding their experience.

More focus is being put on turning existing customers into advocates.

5. Visual Search

Google Lens and Bing Visual Search, are re-creating the SEO world with users now being able to directly search on a topic. Companies that are first to use their content for visual searches will have a lot to gain this year.

What do you think would be the biggest marketing trend in 2020? If you’re considering a digital marketing business of your own, consider also reading this extremely helpful article.

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