6 Definitive Marketing Automation Stats from 2020

Automation in digital marketing isn’t just on the rise but already has become the standard. Businesses everywhere are beginning to rely on automation tools to grow better marketing strategies. And enhance their customer engagement.

To give you a better sense of how far the trend has come, here are 6 marketing automation stats for 2020.

1. Nearly Two-Third of Marketers Will Increase Their Marketing Automation Budget

insights from Invesp, 63% of marketers are expected to increase their marketing automation budget for this year.

They also found that 9 out of 10 marketers rated automation as a ‘very important’ part of their overall online marketing efforts.

2. More Than a Million Websites Use Marketing Automation

Research conducted by Bold Digital back in 2016 found that nearly half a million websites were already using some form of marketing automation.

Given a nearly three-fold growth within the B2B marketing automation industry. It is safe to say that the figure today is probably more than a million.

3. Three-Quarters of All Companies Already Use Marketing Automation

From an authoritative survey, it was found that nearly 75% of all companies and brands employed at least one automation tool.

With automation, helping save costs, both in time and money. It is no surprise that so many have already begun adopting it as a means to retain a competitive advantage.

4. The Industry is Expected to be Worth Over $7.2 Billion

With a rapid increase in demand for marketing automation tools, more and more IT companies are jumping in on the trend.

It is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the software market. According to data from Sharpspring, the industry is to be worth $7.2billion.

In the next four years, it is expected to double to $14.2billion.

5. Lead Generation is the Most Important Strategic Goal

In their survey, Invesp found that the number one reason marketers used automation tools, was for lead generation.

The second biggest reason was lead nurturing at 57 percent followed by sales revenue and improving customer engagement at 47 percent.

6. 80% Reported an Increase in Leads From Marketing Automation

Invesp also found in their survey that 4 in 5 companies saw a huge increase in leads after adopting automation tools. In another survey conducted by Business2community, the average increase in leads was a staggering 451%.

Have any 2020 marketing automation stats that you want to share? Do so by writing it down in the comments below.

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