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Why Do Customers Leave a Company?

Customers are barraged by attractive offers all the time. They see great deals based on price, quality or service. However, these aren’t good enough reasons by themselves to cause them to stay loyal to a company. 

Customers are an unstable species—they’re hard to win over, easy to lose, and often you won’t know what’s even on their mind. And, even if your company won over those companies due to traditional factors—the key for them to keep staying is due to their emotional experiences with your company.

So why do customers leave a company?

Not personal enough

67% of all customers who leave a company are because of perceived indifference—they don’t know if you love them or not! It’s when your customers think that they aren’t important to you or your business.

Even if it isn’t true, it doesn’t matter—it’s called “perceived” indifference.

Focus on customer service. In this age of business, it’s not just enough to give “good” customer service—meeting their expectations is not enough. Customers want to know you care, so be diligent in really giving out quality service. 

Take a hard look at your business. You need to look at your business to find existing areas of perceived indifference—everyone has them.  

Lost interest in your products/services

Some customers will just lose interest in your products or services—actively or passively.

One of the easiest ways to lose customers is by producing an unsafe product. Products that can cause harm to customers can completely destroy a business. It is imperative to be transparent about the ingredients or materials used to manufacture products and warn customers of any potential dangers.

One way is also not being able to evolve with the trends. A successful company innovates and has to be able to adapt to trends and create a way to appeal to its customer base in an appropriate way. 

Customers just lose interest if your products aren’t providing convenience and solving their problems anymore.

Not communicating with them properly

When a company has poor customer communication methods, they are missing out on consumer feedback. Your customers are the source of your revenue. If you don’t have your customers’ opinions on your products, then it’s hard to know which improvements or upgrades are necessary to increase your sales.

Poor communication doesn’t allow for customer input that can become critical when developing new products or considering upgrades to existing items. The better you understand the importance of effective customer communication, the more likely you’ll find instances of poor customer communication policies or practices.

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